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NutraClick’s Bona Clara “Smarter” Skincare Line, Biochemical Engineer Founds

October 15, 2013


Most 16 year-olds worry about their skin, but Jasmina Aganovic ’09 turned her youthful experiments with skin care into a lifelong research project. She discovered shedding and redness instead of the effects guaranteed on the bottle, when teenaged Aganovic attempted anti-aging serum on her skin to see what would occur. After seeing a dermatologist, Aganovic learned that her skin would react badly to retinol-based serums until her 30s. Skin changes over time, so skincare regimens must transform, also.

NutraClick’s Bona Clara

Aganovic learned once more in regards to variables like irruption and absorption that age makes all the difference, while examining biochemical engineering at MIT, especially during a research study on antibiotic ear drops. “I determined to group by age, and once I segmented [the data] by decades, everything started to fall in superb neat little classes,” she explained in an interview at Racked.

Stages of Beauty

Aganovic’s first line of beauty goods, Stages of Beauty, highlighted its scientific basis, as well as Aganovic’s research to the skincare regimens needed for each cohort. Bona Clara, her new line of eco-friendly skincare, also touts “products backed by smarter science” and splits its merchandise by age bracket. NutraClick is proud to build the brands, Stages of Beauty and Bona Clara.

stages of beautyAganovic even has a “smarter” advertising model, as documented by the Boston Globe. Initially, she had intended to establish her goods in brick-and-mortar stores like Sephora, but changed her mind when she saw the power of the latest social media-based networking. Aganovic has updated Avon and Mary Kay’s old social sales models: “brand representatives” for Bona Clara don’t go door-to-door anymore. Instead, they each have their very own site.

“It stuck with me because the beauty business doesn’t actually teach that,” she went on. “It is distinct biological processes going on–not only the collagen and elastin, but also melanin, the speed of cellular regeneration, the moisture barrier–which all change as we go from one age group to another.”

Bona Clara, a remarkable Skincare Line offering age appropriate skincare. Bona Clara was created by ingredient pro and MIT graduate, Jasmina Aganovic, who started her first line, Stages of Beauty a couple of years back. Bona Clara consists of 4 skincare lines created expressly to address the biological skin changes that take place throughout our 20’s right through our fifties and mature. Bona Clara is free of sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals. Genetically engineered organisms, phthalates, colognes and artificial dyes, which creates a remarkable skincare line.

As said by Bona Clara, “Each age-specific line includes beauty routine fundamentals: a cleaner, scrub, serum, toner and a treatment lotion. Additional cutting-edge products for example makeup removers, an SPF and night and neck creams allow girls to tailor their anti-aging regimen to match their individual wants, budget, and program”. NutraClick never fails to recognize remarkable and innovative natural products at its best.


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