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ReD Experts to Aid NutraClick’s Projected Two Million Annual e commerce Dealings

March 25, 2013

nutra click logoEdison, N.J., March 13, 2013 — ReD, a number one supplier of fraud prevention and transaction services, today reported that NutraClick, previously Hungry Fish Media LLC, has chosen ReD’s real-time fraud prevention support, ReD Shield, to proactively offset fraud risk related to high volume transaction action caused by the business’s rapid expansion. The Boston-based organization may make use of the support to make sure that real clients continue steadily to have immediate and quick access to its well-respected health and beauty manufacturers immediately from manual deal evaluations.

Target of NutraClick


NutraClick’s higher level technology and proprietary methods effectively target health-conscious people to create demand due to their well-respected manufacturers. The business’s established enterprize model has created great effects and fast growth; nevertheless, NutriClick understands that success means a heightened contact with danger. Maybe not attempting to risk faithful client associations, NutraClick chose to visit a front-end fraud prevention companion that may help the business’s development and estimated two million annual e commerce dealings, without adversely affecting the buyer buying experience.

‘Business has been developing and we should hold it that way,’ said Annie Ye, Business Intelligence Manager for NutraClick. ‘After a comprehensive overview of four suppliers, we picked ReD because of its business knowledge and commitment to support. We also appreciated the thought of integrating with a business that’s an identical tradition. We trust ReD and realize that our requirements will soon be met so we could concentrate on our business of providing quick manufacturer growth, empowering people, and eventually building lasting, long-lasting brands.’

Red Shield

A real-time fraud avoidance answer tailored to the initial needs of ecommerce retailers, ReD Shield reduces cost fraud while reducing the requirement for expensive guide evaluations. ReD Shield offers immediate decisioning (accept/challenge/deny) and employs numerous higher level technologies to make sure that real orders are processed while deceptive types are discovered and isolated.

ReD Shield registers and handles both domestic and cross-border retail cost deal fraud across numerous industries. It registers fraud across all payment kinds and shields payment orders which are recognized on the internet, via mail order, phone order and through interactive TELEVISION.

ReD risk experts and account executives would be the middle of ReD Shield’s fraud prevention service. The group helps customers evaluate real-time fraud threats; conducting standard evaluations and risk assessments in addition to supplying a selection of consultant services that help customers enhance fraud methods and methods.

‘ReD provides industry leading technology however it may be the people behind our technology that actually support clients begin to see the importance of the investment,’ claimed Kevin Sprake, ReD leader, The United States. ‘Our experts have strong and worldwide experience, unmatched by your competition. Their knowledge and capability to convert information at a granular stage, along with ReD’s global reach, means we are able to defend customers by proactively applying guidelines predicated on global fraud patterns and styles’.

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